I cought that holy drumstick!

I really do miss the Chinese underground rock scene. It's not just a normal feeling of going to a concert, no it is.. like a cure. I would bet that it's a good one too, ohyes! It isn't well known in Europe for some reason, but China got a HUGE rock scene around Bejing, Shanghai and Hong Kong as well I think . I lived there (in Shanghai) for two years, doing a graduation in one of these really expensive foreign schools, discovering all that rock meanwhile. Been to awesome concerts by Queen Sea Big Shark (I still got the holy drumstick from the concert), The Rogue Transmission (handed out flyers for them), Boys Climbing Ropes (我爱小朋克!) , Banana Monkey, P.K. 14, The Youth and the Destroyer, AV Okubo and a few others that I even can't remember but believe me, I've seen a lot. And everyone was F****** wicked.

So, the main thing why I am writing all that stuff is: I read a really interesting article on "Wired" about the Chinese rock scene just a few month ago. And now I want to share it with you people out there!
It's rather about the underground rock scene of Bejing but it is still really intersting to read.
And HEY, of course you have to listen to the music!

There are some more links you should check:

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  1. if you're interested to find more music from china (and the rest of asia too) check out australasian diy music specialist 'tenzenmen' distro section http://www.tenzenmen.com/

  2. Nice! Thanks a lot for that link.