Holga. D

If there is any other camera to recommend besides my Canon AT-1 then it's the "Holga"!
The "Holga" was invented by some Chinese people in 1982 in Hongkong. It's creating a farious set of colors/shapes/leaks/vignettes and every other thing that you can imagine and love if you want to take something else then just a "perfect picture". It's made for art. It's difficult to use in the beginning but you're getting used to it quite fast! So, if you have a friend with a Holga then just have a look on it and try to take some really special and personal pictures just for a special moment of your life.

The main thing why I am writing this is a really interesting article about the idea of a Holga.D by Saikat Biswas.
The interesting part of the design is that, even though it's a digital camera, there is no screen where you could have a look at your pictures. There is this special feeling about every single picture that you took. It brings that old-school-analog prosess to a digital camera which got all the well known Holga futures. Besides that the design by Saikat Biswas is somehow a really good point to think about a digital version of the Holga camera.

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