Grey Television

A music project by David Boldt, Maximilian Garth, Julius Barg, Benjamin Blazy and Mirko Zipris. 5 guys from Berlin and as I presume it's about time to present them here. Some of you may know them as supporting act of Foals and These New Puritans but some of you may not.

Their music is eventually something between ambient-shoegazeish indie pop, something that I can't really tell what it is in this jungle of genres but they're good in holding the balance of it.

Grey Television - Cellar Door by grey tv

As an further more announcement there is a concert where they are going to play tonight:

'BMA Europendent Rock'
Doors Open at 7 p.m. / 8 €
WABE, Danziger Str. 101
10405 Berlin

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